Anglo Nubian Goat
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 This small herd was established in 1978 and since that time, although remaining small, has bred a number of high quality goats of character with good temperaments, superb conformation giving good milk yields with excellent butterfats and proteins.







R118 Hurstpier Pimienta *8 BrCh


Hurstpier Florence




The Hurstpier Herd is situated on the outskirts of Hurstpierpoint in West Sussex and is owned by   Erica & Ian Churchill.

 Heath Status:-

  • ►Scrapie Monitored.
  • ►BGS Monitored and Negative Testing for CAE for over 20 years.
  • ►Whole Herd Blue Tongue Vaccinated.


The herd is officially Milk Recorded, demonstrating excellent butterfats and high proteins.

Hurstpier AN’s have consistently performed well in milking Trials at BGS Recognised Shows.

Stock sometimes available to good homes and enquiries welcome.





R129 Hurstpier Tarragon Q*7 BrCh

Winner of 9 B.C.C.'s during her showing career


§ 129/159 † Hurstpier Basil

Best Male Kid - Kent Male Show & 2 Counties Male Show 2010